About Beth Grosshans

Licensed clinical child psychologist Dr. Beth Grosshans received an MA in psychology and a PhD in clinical child psychology from Ohio State University (OSU). While a practicum student in OSU’s psychology department, she gained experience in several psychological assessments, including the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children. She later worked as a graduate research assistant in the child/adolescent division of OSU’s psychiatry department. Dr. Beth Grosshans served a fellowship in clinical psychology with the Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry at Boston Children’s Hospital and Judge Baker Children’s Center. At the two children’s institutes, she performed psychiatric treatment for preschool and adolescent patients, provided long-term psychotherapy for children and parents, and conducted psychological assessments for preschool-age children.

After working as a psychotherapist for Family Counseling Service of Somerset County in Bound Brook, New Jersey, Dr. Beth Grosshans founded her private clinical psychology practice in Flemington. During her more than 15 years in private practice, she provided psychological treatment and assessments for children and families.

Currently retired from clinical practice, Dr. Beth Grosshans presents lectures and workshops on child development issues. She often speaks about the imbalance of family power and how to correct the negative consequences.

Outside of her work in child psychology and development, Dr. Beth Grosshans serves on the advisory board for the New York Metropolitan Opera. She also contributes to Planned Parenthood.


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