Grandparenting and Unruly Child Behavior

Retired from private practice, Dr. Beth Grosshans is a respected child psychologist who engages with educators and parents as public speaker. The author of the book Beyond Time Out: From Chaos to Calm, Dr. Beth Grosshans emphasizes effective ways of addressing Imbalance of Family Power (IFP) dynamics. Her advice extends to grandparents who, as extended family members, may spend considerable time with the children.

Dr. Grosshans talks of many grandparents scratching their heads when it comes to grandchildren’s demands. In their generation, it was not acceptable to display rude and disruptive behavior to elders. Social changes toward “democratic parenting” led to parents holding back from asserting their authority. As a result, children’s self-esteem came to be seen as more important than discipline.

Grandparents may find it difficult to talk directly with their grown children about child-rearing methods and confront them with concerns. Dr. Grosshans’ book and the IFP model enable productive discussions with a factual basis to occur.


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