Common Problematic Parenting Styles

Dr. Beth Grosshans wrote the book Beyond Time Out to help parents who are struggling with behavioral problems in their children. In it, Dr. Beth Grosshans outlines approaches to parenting that result in a poor balance of power in the family unit, thereby resulting in children acting out.

According to the book, there are four main parenting styles that are particularly problematic and common in today’s society. For instance, some parents focus on making their children as happy as possible in every way. While it is very important to be dedicated to the happiness and well-being of their children, these parents, known as “Pleasers,” go too far by negotiating and explaining too much to their children, a practice that causes them to lose power in the parent-child relationship. Similarly, “Pushovers” are a type of parent lets the child control the relationship by always giving in to both the child’s wants as well as needs.

On the other hand, there is the parenting style of the “Forcer.” This is a parent who interacts with children in an overly rigid and authoritative way, without understanding the need to use respect in disciplining and guiding children. Finally, “Outliers” are parents who avoid interacting with children on an emotional level, instead focusing on structured, business-like interactions.

For parents who align too closely with one of these categories, behavioral problems in children are particularly likely to occur. However, adjustments in parenting style can often go a long way in correcting an unhealthy family dynamic.